Color me Stressed

Okay. I just want to say I really hate the month of February. I have never liked it for several reasons:

1. It’s not a real month. It only has 28 days. It’s short enough to be INCREDIBLY insignificant, but long enough to be SUPER annoying. Also, I find it incredibly offensive that Black History Month is also the shortest month, but that’s another rant for another day.

2. No major holidays. Most months’ only redeeming qualities are their respective holidays. February has arguably one of the most universally hated holidays- Valentine’s Day. Not only is it an unwelcome reminder of loneliness to those of us who are single, but it puts an unnecessary amount of pressure on people who are lucky enough to be in a relationship. I could go on about Valentine’s Day, but again. Another rant for another day. Also: President’s Day doesn’t count.

3. It’s full of evil magic. What the hell is this “leap day” bullshit? So every four years we tack an extra day onto the awful month? What is the benefit of this? Answer: NONE. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to be born on that godforsaken day will be stuck the rest of their life wondering what age they truly are. Can you say IDENTITY CRISIS?

So basically let’s abolish February, especially because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the most stressful month of the semester, it’s happening next week, and I want to go hide under my bed until it’s over.

The end.


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