Today was overall a good day.

I was exhausted all day and kind of wanted to die (two hours of sleep + only one cup of coffee), but I feel like I was really productive and I forced myself to go to class. I very easily could have just skipped. I think that right there is a reason to be proud of myself. I didn’t let myself manipulate me into missing class just because I made a poor decision the night before to stay up all night. I knew it was right for me to go class. So pat on the back for me! Baby steps.

After my classes and my English professor’s office hours, I allowed myself a short nap. I neglected to set an alarm, and therefore was almost late to my Hospitality Networking event. I am SO GLAD that I went though, because I learned about an internship opportunity with Columbus Hospitality that’s only one day a week. I could still keep my job at the Courtyard and do this internship in a department I don’t have any experience in, and get a better understanding of what I want to do with my life. Also, the guy from the Renaissance was there, and he remembered me! Not only that, but he seems to want to get me to work at the Renaissance. I need to follow up with the people that I talked to and get a network going. It’s events like these that make me really excited for the future.

I hope tomorrow is pretty good too.


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