Color me Stressed

Okay. I just want to say I really hate the month of February. I have never liked it for several reasons:

1. It’s not a real month. It only has 28 days. It’s short enough to be INCREDIBLY insignificant, but long enough to be SUPER annoying. Also, I find it incredibly offensive that Black History Month is also the shortest month, but that’s another rant for another day.

2. No major holidays. Most months’ only redeeming qualities are their respective holidays. February has arguably one of the most universally hated holidays- Valentine’s Day. Not only is it an unwelcome reminder of loneliness to those of us who are single, but it puts an unnecessary amount of pressure on people who are lucky enough to be in a relationship. I could go on about Valentine’s Day, but again. Another rant for another day. Also: President’s Day doesn’t count.

3. It’s full of evil magic. What the hell is this “leap day” bullshit? So every four years we tack an extra day onto the awful month? What is the benefit of this? Answer: NONE. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to be born on that godforsaken day will be stuck the rest of their life wondering what age they truly are. Can you say IDENTITY CRISIS?

So basically let’s abolish February, especially because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the most stressful month of the semester, it’s happening next week, and I want to go hide under my bed until it’s over.

The end.

Columbia Mall Shooting

Yesterday morning, there were shots fired in the Columbia Mall, and three people were killed. People were hiding in the mall for hours yesterday, waiting to either be rescued or killed.

The Columbia Mall was a place where I grew up. I ended and began friendships there, and ended and began relationships. I picked out homecoming and prom dresses there. It’s scary that the sanctity of a place that holds so many childhood memories was destroyed yesterday morning with the sounds of five gunshots.

I also struggle with the knowledge that for three people, yesterday was just a normal Saturday. They went to the mall to do some routine shopping, or to go to work, and never came home. What should have been a normal Saturday became the last day of their life. That is very scary to think about.

My heart breaks for my community. Even though I don’t know the victims personally, I can feel the anxiety and terror my community must be experiencing in the aftermath of this tragedy. Every single person in that mall’s lives were changed yesterday afternoon. And that deeply hurts me to know. I love my community dearly, and I hope that we can heal from this.

It’s weird being so far away from things. I don’t experience events like this the way everyone back home does. Here, no one knows, or cares, about a small mall shooting in Maryland. It’s easier to forget about it. But I don’t want to. I want to mourn for my community.

I want to mourn for my home.

Pat on the back!


So as you can see above, the temperatures outside right now are super unpleasant, and honestly, just being outside makes me want to die. THAT SAID, I went to all my classes today, even my Shakespeare class,which was highly unpleasant since the heat was not on in the building. Also, I really need to start going to bed earlier again because it’s super hard to get up in the morning. I helped Josh with his costume and it looks really good. I hope people ask him about it at the party, because I did most of the work, and I want people to know that I’m good at this type of thing. But yeah. I’m still plugging away and I haven’t missed any assignments. This week feels better than last week, so… Success!



New TV show!

New TV show!

I just started a new TV show last night! It’s called Being Human. It’s an interesting concept. A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost all living in a house together and trying to help each other cope with their condition and fit into the real world. As of right now, I will give it three stars. There doesn’t seem to be a compelling plot line as of yet, and the characters seem kind of whiny, but I still have hope.

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Today was overall a good day.

I was exhausted all day and kind of wanted to die (two hours of sleep + only one cup of coffee), but I feel like I was really productive and I forced myself to go to class. I very easily could have just skipped. I think that right there is a reason to be proud of myself. I didn’t let myself manipulate me into missing class just because I made a poor decision the night before to stay up all night. I knew it was right for me to go class. So pat on the back for me! Baby steps.

After my classes and my English professor’s office hours, I allowed myself a short nap. I neglected to set an alarm, and therefore was almost late to my Hospitality Networking event. I am SO GLAD that I went though, because I learned about an internship opportunity with Columbus Hospitality that’s only one day a week. I could still keep my job at the Courtyard and do this internship in a department I don’t have any experience in, and get a better understanding of what I want to do with my life. Also, the guy from the Renaissance was there, and he remembered me! Not only that, but he seems to want to get me to work at the Renaissance. I need to follow up with the people that I talked to and get a network going. It’s events like these that make me really excited for the future.

I hope tomorrow is pretty good too.